Keynote Speaker

Opening Keynote Speaker

Dr. Terry Howard- Head of School at Chiang Mai International School

Dr. Terry Howard is the new Head of School at Chiang Mai International School, he comes with over three decades of experience working in Africa as an Administrator. He was the Director at The International School of Kenya, American International School of Libreville, and recently The American International School of Brazzaville. 

During his time spent in Africa, Dr. Terry also served as the Staff Counselor at UNICEF and the UN in Abuja, Nigeria. During his time with the UN in Abuja, Dr. Terry was at the front of the Ebola Outbreak, where he had to provide psycho-social support to Ebola victims, their families, and community members during Nigeria's Ebola outbreak. He was also in charge of crisis management, providing stress counseling to staff and patients in UN Ebola centers throughout Nigeria. 

In addition to his time spent with the UN, Dr. Terry is an avid fan of Model United Nations and the platform it creates for students. He was the Director of The East African Model United Nations (East African MUN), where he was in charge of coordinating two annual conferences throughout East Africa for over 1800 participants. He comes to CMIS and CMMUN as a valued member to share his experiences to help grow both CMIS and CMMUN. 

Dr Terry Howard with the UN in an Ebola Center in rural Nigeria during the 2014 Ebola Outbreak.

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